How Real Estate changed my Life

Real Estate is one of the only assets that you can buy and create a lot of wealth if you pick the right one.

I have purchased dozens of homes in my life and have seen what real estate can do for a family's financial situation. 

The key to getting real estate that works for you and you do not work for it is the famous old saying location,location ,location. As a home buyer or investor you need to know where you're buying and why? Let me explain

A lot of home buyers and investors look at the price and or the square footage only and that is not the right way to look at real estate sometimes. 

I have a friend that purchased a home in a location because it was the top place to live in that city. The home was not all that big but he knew that the property would be going up in price.

The property was smaller than he could have purchased in the cities around the area but it trended up in price so fast. In the end when he sold it it created a nice amount of money in his checking account.

That is how all real estate works for living and investing in. The area the property is in is so important. That goes for if you live in the property or use it as an investment property.

There are so many websites that can help you pick and choose the right locations that will benefit you the most. Fathom Realty has created software just for that.

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