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The Changing Faces Of The Real Estate and the Industry


 I got this awesome title from https://www.entrepreneur.com/ that talks about a lot of different aspects of real estate. I think there is a big change in marketing and finding real estate coming. The MLS will still be the bulk of the inventory, but there will be new players on the real estate field that will tap into cutting edge software. The MLS will probably not be able to keep up with the new software unless they really open up and upgrade their systems.

Most countries in the MENA region are asset-based economies, rather than outcome-based ones, with real estate being a significant portion of their GDP. For many, this often illiquid asset is also seen as the safest one. However, it is also a sector that is at a global tipping point of significant and fundamental change– driven by a confluence of innovations and disruptions. And as regional real estate plays gather “steam,” and exponential technologies become an inevitably increasing part of our physical and social infrastructure, entrepreneurs and investors would be hard pressed not to consider these as either opportunities for (or threats to) their businesses or sectors. 
Real Estate will always be a great way to park your money and build on the equity if you live or invest there. Every area has different variables for equity, but most do get some equity. Also investors wanting a great place to get some income and capture on the upswing of real estate values.

The industry is changing in cities like Cleveland where prices are going up and a lot of new Real Estate Brokers are moving in with new ways to market homes. Old worn out ways to market to find real estate for clients will be totally different in the near future.

Let's look at some new brokerages in Cleveland Berkshire Hathaway, Redfin, ReaL Brokerage and Homesmart.  These are not fly by night companies they are serious players that will get a lot of the real estate market by having new technology that gets homes purchased and sold for their clients.  They tool their agents with marketing tools to help create more leads and potential buyers for their listings.

I am with Fathom Realty and they put new technology on steroids. Basically they are preparing new information for this fast moving real estate market. Fathom is also equipping their agents with tools to make their business successful and more importantly assist clients better. 

If you are a Real Estate Agent and would like to see what new technology that I am talking about please..it's a detailed system that gets your own marketing company set up.  

Call me 216-703-5740. You can also email me and we can meet for coffee. It's all FREE by the way. Watch the video below and see one of my current videos

If you need a home to live or investment please consider me I'm Brett and I have all the tools you need to find your real estate. 
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