How to Market as a Real Estate Agent

I see this all the time Realtor's get their license and never start marketing. That is the crucial long term commitment that each agent needs to make after getting their real estate license. Here are some rules I live by daily to ensure my information will get out to the public. 

1. Every day I do a Blog Post even on weekends. This helps get my business out to the public organically every day. Last I looked, my pages were indexed 2100 times in the main search engines. I have almost 5 Million hits on my blog

2. I have a YouTube Channel where I make approx 3 new videos every week.  Those videos are watched on my channel and I also post them all over the internet. Social Media and many other ways. YouTube is basically FREE and not using it can really affect your message. I have over 1500 subscribers. YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google. 

3. I also build my social media sites with followers that will help promote my business. For example I get friends that have similar businesses that I have. 

4. Making sure I communicate with potential clients through a weekly newsletter that explains my many different services. This keeps my business in front of potential clients and when they need real estate services they will know I do them.

There are some of the reasons you need to have content marketing as a continual part of your business. You can job all this out but who can tell your story better than you? 

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