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When an investor is ready to sell a property they want to know that they are getting the best price. Some of the investors that I talk to need to sell for management reasons and just do not want to be landlords anymore. 

That is where I come in and assist the investor in fixing their situation by getting the property a good tenant and or selling the property. 

Here is a recent letter I got from an investor that was sent to me and Lori. Lori is a broker and property manager that is successful at keeping properties paying their rent and creating income for her clients. 

"Dear Brett and Lori!
I find it appropriate to write to you some of my heartfelt feelings after a year or more of working together and after I close my business in Cleveland.
I got to know you after the previous property manager I worked with behaved inappropriately and received a warm recommendation to work with you.
From the first moment a warm and pleasant relationship was formed which was for me a different experience from the previous management.
Data accuracy, short-term reports, direct communication and more - all of these have given me great confidence in working with you.
This year I got to know reliable, first-rate, impartial people who work to maximize the client's interests, and everything in an accurate and pleasant manner. All this and more made me know and feel that there is someone to trust!
The decision to end my Cleveland business is related to covid damage and other personal issues and is not related to you at all. On the contrary, you helped me overcome mishaps and also in front of the authorities, with your great concern all the way.
Thank you for helping me sell all my assets, answering whenever needed and wholeheartedly, and getting the maximum possible price for them.
I'm sorry we broke up, but those will be memories of dear people I met along the way.
I would be very happy if you would present this recommendation to potential customers and I would be happy to elaborate further.
Great appreciation.
Itamar Kaizer.​"​

​I really appreciate Itamars confidence in getting his real estate needs handled. I sold his properties and updated him through the whole process.  ​

This is what I do for investors to get their properties working correctly to sell the assets if that is needed.

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