Realtors do not have to work on a Limited Budget Really

Realtors have to pay brokers plus get their ways to create new business to be successful in real estate. Realtors pay a certain amount of their commissions to the brokerages; it can add up to a lot. 

I have seen brokerages take between 30%-50% of a Realtors commission. That is a lot of money!!!! Realtors also have state, board and education they need to pay for also. If you are part of a team the splits get even worse.

After all those expenses how can a Realtor advertise and create a business? I joined Fathom Realty and saved $22,000-$50,000 in brokerage splits. This gives me more money to advertise with. A lot more money!

With Fathom Realty its simple $500 the first 12 deals for a total of $6,000 and $99 per transaction after that. They are an agent focused brokerage that understands the importance of keeping their agents going in business.

That also gets you state of the art advertising that Fathom gives you to use. Ittelliagent is a great new CRM system that was created by Fathom to get agents great leads. They also have many other softwares that can create business for your business.  Basically fathom realty comes with all the bells and sometimes even more whistles than other brokerages.  

They also have a Realtor Mentorship program and an academy for agents to learn new marketing tools. 

Fathom Realty is on the NASDAQ and is in 30+ states, There are over 3000 agents already in the brokerage. As Fathom Realty continues to grow agents that join the brokerage will also continue to grow their business and their commission......

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