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Weirdest thing about Realtors

Being a Realtor for the past 22 years I have been with a few brokerages that are good and bad. What I figured out during all the different brokerages is that some promote their brand and others want the Realtor to promote themselves and their services.   

Realtors always have to pay a brokerage a part of their commission. Paying that is supposed to help the Realtor with their real estate business. Does it really help them? 

87% of all Realtors fail in most polls. They fail because they do not understand that they need to market their services and have more money to do that. Paying a ton of their commission to a big brokerage does not help them. 

Let me give you some examples that every Realtor needs to have for marketing. 

2. Blog  ( new articles at least 4-5 times a week)
4. Facebook page ( needs videos and content) 
5. Linkedin  (almost 10,000 connections) 

These are a few of the social media and internet media I advertise in. There are companies that will do all this for you. I have never done that because unless the content is your content it is not original. Therefore most less expensive media companies are pumping out the same content for a lot of other agents. 

The key is having the resources (Money) to be able to market.  I know an agent that pays a lot of money for a coach to create around 2 million in sales. On top of that the agent has to pay their brokerage another 20% of their gross commissions. That does not leave all that much for advertising.

Recently we added a team that is saving thousands of dollars in commission splits and they are going to be able to market and brand their real estate business.  This will give them more freedom to create more real estate business and Fathom has all the software to assist them in doing that while still saving a ton of money. 

Lastly I save over $20,000 a year from EXP Realty. I was a 3 time Icon agent that left and I am glad I did. I have more freedom, tools and much more money to promote and grow my business.

Need to grow your real estate business as a Realtor. Today you need more and more exposure to get noticed. Stop letting the cost of your brokerage make you a secret agent 

If you do not want to be a secret agent call me (Brett) 216-703-5740 Fathom Realty or please sign in below for more information.  

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