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Why Competitors and Brokerages fear Success

I have always wondered why some have success and others do not. Going through the many conversations that I have personally had with Realtors I wanted to share one with you, 

I was talking to a Realtor that had all the tools and marketing experience to move forward and pay less brokerage fees to put more money in marketing. We talked for almost 1 hour and they kept going back to what their mentor might think that belonged to their brokerage? 

The mentor wanted them to stay with their brokerage for obvious reasons, This Realtor would save $10,000-$15,000 changing to Fathom Realty and they would have better marketing tools for their business. This would both grow their business and create freedom for their growth. 

The Realtor focused on the mentor and in my opinion made a bad decision in their future and business. Instead of focusing on their business and setting up everything that their Real Estate business could benefit from for years to come. 

When you look at the future of being a Realtor marketing will play a key factor in who will survive and who will not in real estate.

Just because a Brokerage is huge does not mean their Realtors are being successful. According to many resources 87% of all agents fail in their 1st 5 years. That is a very tough number to make a living. 

Marketing a business is the difference between being a part of the 87% or the 13%. The other benefit to marketing is that your business will explode and your life will be changed. You will see other opportunities that you might have never thought of. 

Once you learn how to market there is nothing you cannot do. I personally love marketing and what it has done for my business. Marketing has allowed me to reach my real estate business all over Cleveland and the world. 

So what is your business doing? Are you struggling and worrying about your next deal? You do not have to do that with a marketing system. Call me (Brett) 216-703-5740 Fathom Realty and let me help you create your own marketing plan.

I want to have a Unique Real Estate Marketing System

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