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Fathom Holdings Inc. Reports 79% Growth


This story comes from https://www.prnewswire.com/ and explains that Fathom Realty is an Agent built platform.

"Fathom is winning through innovation and consistent growth, and by delivering real, long-term value to our agents, employees, clients, and shareholders," Harley said. "We believe Fathom is on track to continue our strong revenue, agent, and transaction growth, and with the strategic investments we are making in each of our business lines, we look forward to demonstrating profitability in the near future."said Joshua Harley

Personally I have seen a huge change in my real estate business since changing to Fathom Realty. The company has provided a very upbeat way to create new business and software to help get the word out on my services.

You also keep a lot more of your commission money with Fathom Realty. That helps build your pocket book and your business. Imagine having a lot more money to market and create material about your services? I have added a lot to my marketing company since joining Fathom Realty. 

Fathom Realty has cutting edge technology to assist you in a modern and online look. That is so important to have in today's online marketing approach that is needed in an agent's real estate business.  You can get that with Fathom Realty. 

So there you have it with Fathom Realty you get more money in your commission a lot more and you get all the software you need to create your marketing company and get seen. What are you waiting for?????

Need to know how to get started? Call me (Brett) 216-703-5740 Fathom Realty or Whatsapp me Brett Young......

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