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How to create more Unique Real Estate Services and a lot more commissions


Being a Realtor for the last 22 years I have learned that there are clients that need unique real estate services.

For example I have learned that leasing real estate really creates more income for me and the property owner. I have created an easy way to lease properties and not take a ton of time doing it. I lease 50-70 properties per year.

There are also many other benefits that go with leasing real estate.  You get to meet a lot of investors and they have many real estate needs a Realtor can benefit from. Having unique services gets you all the other service needs that an investor might need.

Another unique service that I like is communicating through videos. When a client cannot be in town to see a property I create videos to help them see what the progress is on their home.

Sending a weekly video to a client gives them a sense that their property is being updated and they can see it.

I mention one more of many is listing homes at a discount for my investors. That creates relationship equity with my client. When any real estate needs arise, guess who they call? Offering some discounts to repeat clients keeps them calling me not another agent.

Unique real estate services create more services for your clients to keep coming to you in all their future real estate needs.

Make sure you come to our live event where I will personally how and what services you can set up for your unique real estate services for your old and new clients.

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