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How to get more Money for Marketing as a Realtor


Every Brokerage has its good and bad qualities. The key is getting a brokerage that actually concentrates on their agents long term success.

Fathom has a very affordable mentor system for new agents that is paid out of their first 3 deals. They are mentored by a trained agent that has passed the test that Fathom gives them. This helps new agents make more money faster and get their careers moving.

Seasoned agents can tap into the mentor system and create another stream of income for their business. They help new Realtors get going and they are compensated for their time. 

Fathom is also acquiring companies like https://liveby.com/ to get more services to all Real Estate agents. They are buying companies that help their company and agents thrive in more services.

Fathom also partners with media companies to get their agents very affordable ways to market their services. https://www.gosocialagent.com/  is one of those companies that assist agents in marketing at a very affordable price. I use them for my facebook and twitter social media accounts. 

Fathom has great training programs both live and recorded. This allows the Realtors to have many tools at their disposal when they need them for presentations  

My personal favorite software they offer is Canva.com it basically has it all for you to market with. You can create Facebook posts, YouTube videos and many other options. This software can literally do it all for your marketing. I have used it and love it! 

Fathom is a Realtor centered brokerage that gives you more money back for your commissions ($500 for first 12 deals, $99 after that). They are also a stock owned company that lets agents get stock for each transaction.

Need more information? Call me (Brett) 1-216-703-5740 Fathom Realty or sign in below. 

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