Is Location Important When Buying Real Estate?


Purchasing Real Estate is a very local knowledge product. Let me explain, anytime you're buying real estate local information on any property is crucial to have before purchasing any real estate.

Zillow just announced that they were putting a halt on buying real estate as an investment. I was listening to a podcast that said that Zillow has more information on real estate than anyone. That might be true but their information needs to be good information.

When you're looking at any home you need to have local information and professionals that have a resume of doing investment real estate in a certain area.

There is so much that goes into a successful transaction including Purchase, Rehab, Budget, Utilities, Permits, management and so much more. This all needs to be done correctly and monitored during the process. I will even go 1 step further and send update videos to all my clients during the process. 

As a local Realtor I have knowledge of the local areas and what each property has to offer. The way I get that information is through the audited MLS that has up to date information. That is the most important thing you need to know in Real Estate Information. I also have done many many homes in each area. 

What is better: a Zestimate or a Local Professional Licensed Realtor Comps? 

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