Is there a Difference in Realtors? Why should you care?


Realtors come in all shapes and sizes and they all have the same license to buy, lease and sell real estate.

The difference can come with the services an agent offers. I can only talk about what I do for my clients that most agents do not.

Have a property right now that is closing that needed repairs and the clients wanted the best price available. We did the repairs at a great price. My client also loved it. This property also needed to be approved by the city and the last property manager they used never registered the property. That created issues in closing the property and that is where my services came in and assisted in getting that rectified. Now the property will close and the client is also getting top dollar for their investment. 

In another case I had a home that had $13,000 in chimney repairs and an old heating oil tank 3/4 full of heating oil in that basement of a home.  I contacted the agent and let them know that my client would only put $2500 to the chimney and $500 towards the oil drainage and removal (I literally could not find anyone that did that with residential homes). The property closed for top dollar and my client was very happy.

When a property has issues that need to be corrected it can cost a lot of money without the right Realtor. Selling investment real estate and retail real estate I see almost everything that can happen in deals. The great news is I almost always get my deals closed and for a lot less money!

That is the big difference in Realtors is their relationship equity with vendors and being able to get the total needs met for a client each and every transaction.

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