Creating a Service to Purchase Investment Real Estate


When I started purchasing Cleveland Investment Real Estate I quickly learned that there needed to be detailed services that were attached to each property to create maximum profit.

Here are the services that are needed each time you purchase investment real estate.

1. Need to buy a property at a good price with equity
2. Property must be located in an area that is growing in equity and there must be proof of that.
3. There has to be rehab that is on budget and gets done.
4. Pictures and Videos are needed weekly so you can see the progression
5. Property must be leased at top price and marketed to ensure the best tenant.
6. Good Property Management is crucial to the life of the property.
7. Property Management must have a history of long term tenants.
8. When the income is finished the investor needs to be able to sell that property at a nice profit.

Each property needs this many times over and that each of your properties are getting that attention needed to help ensure success.

We have all those tools under one roof and are very successful at making money for us and our clients. Doing investment real estate since 1985 I have learned what is needed to get the max for each property.

In today's very tight real estate inventory you need a seasoned professional that understands all the areas and the cities plus and minus issues. That is what we bring for our clients the best, most detailed professionals that have one concern MAKING MONEY FOR OUR CLIENTS! 

Get with the best program we believe in Cleveland Ohio for purchasing Investment Real Estate. 

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