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Creating Solutions where there is usually problems in Real Estate

 This couple came to me and wanted to sell their home in Solon Ohio. They were reluctant to sell their home because other Realtors in the past had told them it would be hard to sell.

They contacted me and I went out and went through it.  I do this to understand the home and see what benefits the home has to a buyer. I told them that I could sell their property quickly and get top dollar for it while saving them $4600 in commissions.

The couple were shocked and needed to secure another home while selling their home. As most people know that is not an easy thing to do in today's real estate market. I informed them that I had plenty of experience with buying and selling real estate for clients that wanted to move to another area of Cleveland.

Without putting their property on the market we went out and looked at some potential homes and the wife found her perfect home! The problem was we had not sold their home.

I had to quickly get their home for sale and write the other contact with a contingency on the home they wanted. I did just that and called the seller's agent on the home they wanted to purchase. I said that their home would be sold in 24-48 hours and it was. The seller's agent said she would show the contract to the sellers.

During that time I sold my buyers primary residence and called the sellers agent on the other home to let them know it was under contract. The seller's agent wanted to know the financing of the sale of my client's home. I contacted the buyers of my listing mortgage person and they talked directly with the Sellers agents of the home my client wanted.

24 hours later we had a signed contract and the rest is history! Sometimes you need to see what goes on behind the scenes with buying and selling real estate. Having a good Realtor helping you can make the impossible happen! 

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