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 Investment real estate that is not performing well is very upsetting to any investor. Usually the issue is either rehab,property management or location. Being an investor since 1985 and seeing the ups and downs in all markets every investor can still make great money in any of the markets.

I have helped many investors repair and create more income with their portfolios by leasing, rehabbing or selling their properties. 

There was a home in Parma Ohio that an investor wanted to sell because they needed the money for other reasons. They called me and asked if I could help and I did by buying their property at a fair price where they made money and could close the property quickly.

Another investor had a home in Painesville that they needed to sell after their tenant had moved out. I took a crew over and saved the client over $10,000 in repairs by knowing how to do the repair  differently and save a ton of money doing that way.

We sold the home which was by apartment complex at record price and the client made money and got rid of their issue. That is what I can do for issue properties is help figure out the problem and the best way to handle it.

Have real estate that is not producing. I can help you find the best solutions for that property.
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