Why real estate inventory will continue to be a problem


I have been saying since 2015 there was going to be an inventory issue because of the no medium priced homes being built from 2006-2016. Now there is an inventory issue and it will continue for some time.

Let's face it people move and they need places to live and there is nothing that can stop that unless we have a total loss of freedom. I saw a report that mentioned there were around 4 million homes for sale in 2006-2007. Fast forward till today and you have around 880,000 homes on the market in the US. That is a 4-1 homes on the market in 2007 and ones on in 2022.

That does not sound like any crash to me and you can see my real estate market report below. 

Then you have states that are getting more people moving there and others that are getting less. Ohio is on the most affordable list of places people can live. I know I was talking to a lady that was moving from California that could not wait to move because of the cost of living in her state.

That is some of the reasons why inventory will be a problem in the future. With inflation the cost of building materials is going up and that will be passed on to new home buyers. That will create even more inventory issues.

Real Estate is always moving and shaking in peoples and so called experts minds but if you look at the current market conditions Medium priced homes are GOLD! 

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