Investment Real Estate that Fails and Why


It never fails that I get a call on why I purchase investment real estate where I do? The answer is always the same and it is a tried and true way to purchase real estate.

Being in the investment real estate business for more than 3 decades and a 1000+ properties I have seen what works and what does not work. It is always the same formula you must have Income and Equity in each deal to have success in investing in Real Estate. How can you get equity?

You need to understand the areas and what they offer to potential tenants and or buyers. One of my sayings is that people want to live in certain areas and others have to live in certain areas.

You want the areas people want to live in, that is the areas that create equity. Below is an example of a home we just leased and sold for a client.

Seeing many other investors just look at  the income that is in a bad area has its many issues. At the end of the investment Investors almost always lose money. The only one making any money is the wholesaler and or Realtor. Property Management is also a disaster.

Looking at both equity and income creates a longer tenant and grows wealth. The average tenant for homes I purchase for clients is around 24 months. The areas I look in are A or B areas that generate very quality tenants and create wealth through both income and equity for my clients. 

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