Realtors need MORE!

When you're looking at being a Realtor you know that you need to take classes and pass an exam in order to get going. You go through your classes to understand the legal part of being a Realtor.

If you have been in the business the chances are 87% that you will be gone in just 5 years and that to me is not the way it should be,

Why is it hard to get into that 13% of agents that make it in the business? I believe there are 2 things that need to happen to be successful.

1. Marketing
2. Brokerage Splits

1. The first thing is being able to market your business in today's busy digital market.  As a Realtor you need  to know how to buy, sell and lease real estate. If you're just one type of (Buyer or Selling) agent your income will be very limited and you will have a busy life trying to make a living.

 If you're a buying and selling agent you need to create a reason why your services are any different than the next Realtor.

Having a marketing edge can make all the difference in the world. I know with my own marketing company I can pivot my business to whatever the market is doing. As you should know it is always changing.  That keeps me on top of  the market and getting business.

2. Brokerages have many different levels of what the commission split is. From my perspective I have always looked for the best brokerage by their Marketing tools and splits.

Fathom Realty has a cap of $6000 annually and it is a great way for Realtors to keep most of their commissions. This extra money can be used for living and marketing expenses to grow your business.

I know I started my real estate career finding the best brokerage that let me keep more of my money and allowed me to market my Real Estate business more.

Being a successful Realtor for the last 22 years I can attest that it was a great business decision for me.

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