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Realtors need to set up more Services


​Today's Realtors need to set up services that compliment their existing ones. These services will help generate more income and keep your business rolling.

Some of the services you can set up are dealing with Investors and their real estate needs. Not just finding the property but also setting up pictures and videos to help keep them updated if there is construction involved. The videos will be shown to many of your clients friends and will assist you in getting the word out.

When an investor buys a property they will need it to be leased or sold. You want to have that business also. Keeping all the clients' real estate business in your wheelhouse generates a long term relationship that can last for many homes.

Offering any kind of service that helps a client will pay back huge dividends. The client will always call you for all their questions and needs.

These same clients that have special needs on their properties will tell other investors that you are the Realtor that can handle all their real estate needs.

I consistently get a lot of referrals from my investors' clients that creates a massive business for me. There is no marketing cost and it is a very good lead that I usually get business out of.

These are the type of services that you need to add to a real estate business as a Realtor. The market is always changing and your business needs to keep changing also. 

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