Totally Hands Off Passive Income Real Estate

Having a truly passive income property is everyone's dream. What does it exactly mean to have that type of real estate?

My system consists of all the amenities a Passive Income Real Estate property needs. More importantly it works and works very well.

1. Finding good high quality real estate that will generate both income and equity. This means the home will be in an area that has consistent growth and people want to live there. Sometimes there are real estate systems that purchase real estate in not so good areas...we don't do that. We have very low evictions and no Government rent programs in our portfolio.

2. Having the rehab that actually gets our clients done and at a fair price. We have a team of professionals that work with us to ensure that is done. The extras are the before and after Pictures and Update Videos and Final Video. This is the communication that investors need to keep up with the progress of their properties rehab. 

3. Having the marketing company that our clients properties can get leased quickly and at the highest price in that market. 95% of all Realtors do not have more marketing outside their Realtor tools, I do. That allows my clients to get the most potential tenants that help lease real estate quickly.

4. Property Management is crucial to your success in the long term. WE have that also my wife is a broker and has Avalon Group Realty. Clients get their monthly income and all the maintenance is done for way less. This helps maximize the investors returns. 

A. Property Management also has the reporting software that allows the investors to keep track of their real estate portfolio.

5. We also offer a discounted listing package for our investors that saves them a ton of money selling their real estate. After 1000+ properties we have a system that saves our clients money without less service. We get top prices and understand what needs and does not need to be done to a property before selling it. 

Being in the Real Estate Investing Game since 1985 allows my clients to get the best properties and profits on their properties in Cleveland Metro. Inventory is low and rents are going up. This all adds up to more profit in these times.

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