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Doing investment real estate since 1985 I have created unique services that really assist our clients. I became a Realtor in 2000 just to be sure I could do all the services. 

The other benefit is the amount of homes that I have finished for me and my clients during my career in the 100's and 100's of homes. That is another crucial important part of knowing the differences in where to purchase and what to pay for real estate.

Let me give you some examples: 

1. We do photos and videos on every property we assist in rehabbing. This keeps the clients updated and we can use the photos for insurance or comps for value. Another important service.

2. We also locate the best areas. I was reading a post that an investment consultant was explaining that investors needed to purchase properties in low crime areas. I have been doing that since 1985 and understand the Cleveland Metro Market better than most.

3. Finding properties that are growing in equity is a very important part of building wealth. There are a lot of good income properties on paper, but will not create equity for the investor. This creates both great tenants and consistent income. 

There are investors that come to me to sell their portfolio and lose money doing it. That is not what you want as an investor. These are investors that think they only want income until something happens in their lives that they need the money. That is why equity is so important when considering buying any real estate. 

4. Lease the properties for top rents in the area and get good tenants. The property management does a strict credit and background check. In fact there were very few evictions in 2020 because of the quality real estate we purchased.  That is because of the location of the homes and the careful screening. 

5. I offer my clients a discount listing when they sell their property to collect their equity profit. Had a client that I had purchased a property for and 11 months went by and the investors needed to sell their property. So we did it with the tenant and the client made a lot of money on their property. That is what needs to happen when you're needing to sell a property of any kind.

6. Lastly and most importantly I have been doing this since 1985 and a Realtor since 2000. I stay with all my clients' projects from start to finish.  There are a lot of investors out there that cannot get their projects completed. 

That is why our real estate services are so unique. We actually take care of all our clients' investments and help ensure that their real estate goes smoothly.

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