Best place to buy Income Real Estate Really?


Where is the Best place to buy Real Estate Really?

Buying Real Estate as an investment or a place to live is not easy these days. In 2022 I do not think it will get any easier either. Inventory is getting even worse and there are many buyers chomping at the bit to buy or invest in real estate. 

In Cleveland Ohio it's about 2-2 1/2 homes going off the market to 1 coming on. Cleveland Ohio is also one of the most affordable cities to live and invest in. That being said, investors should be looking at Cleveland Ohio as a place to spend some cash on real estate.

Let's look at a $125,000 that will lease for $1300-$1350 a month. These types of properties are in A to B areas that get great tenants and the homes are growing in equity. Last year there were very very few evictions with the real estate we purchased. 

I do not know of a place where you can purchase real estate at these prices and still have a great location? What is the saying Location,Location, Location.

In Phoenix Az you are looking at approx $350,000 for a starting point in buying this type of real estate. 

For the amount of money it costs to enter the real estate market in the Cleveland Metro area it is the best bang for any investors wallet. 

In 2022 Cleveland Ohio might be the best place to look at for investing in Real Estate....Doing the 100's and 100's of real estate transactions I have done Cleveland is the best!

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