A passion for marketing drives your Real Estate Business

Getting business and having a growth strategy requires some marketing. The problem that a lot of Realtors encounter is what and how to market their business.

I have always considered what the competition is doing and how my services can be different and better than other agents. For example my listing packages have flat fee prices that generate a lot of attention and I get listings. It saves my clients commission and I get more listings.

I still have to sell the homes and get the best price for the client, but I get business because I am a bit different in my approach.

Getting content on what you do and where is also very important for any business to get noticed. I was on a call with other agents and I noticed that one agent out of 6 really had their marketing game. During the call I mentioned some other unique ways to get some business. Most agents just wasted their day doing nothing.

Creating services that do not mimic other Realtors is very important to keep a consistent business and commissions moving. Sign in below for more examples.

Having a strategy and a plan to grow your real estate business requires spending some time daily watching videos and reading content about marketing a business. 

There are some great podcasts to listen to: "I Love Marketing" ,"Socialpros", and "Real Estate marketing dude" to name a few.

I am also available if you are considering getting your Real Estate business in high gear. Let me show you some of my marketing and how Fathom Realty may be your best fit as a Realtor. remember 90% of Realtors are out of business in 5 years be one of the 10%.

Call me (Brett) 216-703-5740 Fathom Realty or Whatsapp me to get your Real Estate Business moving.



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