Attractive Cash Flow Real Estate

Real Estate is not easy by yourself unless your doing it full time. That is why it is important to have a team of professionals that can assist you in adding to your portfolio.

Here are a few things we do for our clients:

Finding Areas
1. Travel in all of metro Cleveland to find new areas to purchase quality income real estate
2. Network with agents weekly and look at dozens of homes per week to purchase.
3. Study and determine what the best rental rates will be in an area
4. Look at the pricing trends in all our cities to know what price to pay for homes and what to expect for equity 
5. We have a system that writes many contracts weekly in order to get more quality homes for our clients
6. Understanding what areas will attract the most quality tenants and why
7. Finding homes in unique ways to bid on, looking at the details and why is the seller selling their home.
8. Network with professionals to helps find new properties

1. Have real estate lawyers available for any needs our clients may have
2. Relationships with title companies that understand international buyers and sellers and offer discounts
3. Handle any details needed to close a transaction 
4. Communicate meet all clients needs
Getting Real Estate
1. Search out new real estate daily to find the best deals and negotiate prices to maximize our clients benefit. We also look at off market real estate to see if there are any homes also.
2. Generate approx numbers for the total cost of the home, rehab and rental rates
3. During escrow we provide photos of the property and generate a detailed quote for the rent ready rehab with the goal of getting top rents.
4. Coordinate rehab with my contractors that I have had for 12 years.
5. During the rehab generate update videos every week 
6. Start utilities and ensure everything works correctly
7I personally check every home each week during rehab to make sure the work is being done correctly and on time
8Coordinate all the payments to the contractors based on their work completed, so that we do not pay in full until the work is done
9After photos are taken on each home so that we have the before and after pictures on file. This assists the owner for insurance and appraisals 
10 The home listed and aggressively marketed to find the best tenants fast. We also do open houses regularly and show the homes non stop until leased. 

Property Management (Avalon Realty Group)
1. Thoroughly vet each tenant 
2. Complete lease documentation 
3. Set up separate files for each home and accurately account for and report to each owner monthly.
2  Coordinate with the new tenant and handle all issues after move in
3.  Communicate and handle all tenant inquires 
4. Collect rent and submit owner draws

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