Creating more Commission Income for Realtors

Joining a new brokerage can be a difficult decision for any Realtor to make. What are the advantages and Disadvantages of the move?

Let's say you have a 20%-30% cap up to $16,000-? and you also need to pay for marketing, gas, realtor Fees, and many other expenses that come with being a Realtor.

You need to really produce and collect a lot of commission to pay for all those fees and expenses. Being in the business for 22 years and looking at and working for different brokerages there are vast differences in what you take home.

Working with my last brokerage and now Fathom Realty I saved $22,000 in commissions paid to the broker. That is almost $2000 a month I could keep or spend in marketing to grow my business.

The key to any Realtor in my thinking is knowing how to create new ongoing business and understanding that the Real Estate business they do needs to be their business. Meaning they create it and know how to create more.

Fathom Realty only takes $500 a transaction for 12 transactions ($6000 cap) and $99 after that. That means you save $10,000 plus on your cap and probably save a ton per transaction after the cap because of Fathom Realtys $99 fee.
Fathom Realty also gives you many marketing tools and a website (CRM) to help create more new business for you. Here is the link for my Website

Being the District Director for Northern Ohio I want to see Realtors thrive in all markets. Come and see what Fathom Realty can do for you.....

Call me (Brett) 216-703-5740 District Director for Fathom Realty and get your Realtor Career generating more commissions in your pocket.


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