How to Create Passive Income with Real Estate


Creating consistent passive income with real estate is not an easy task without having all your systems together.

This property that I purchased I am rehabbing and going through the process I have gone through 100's of times. It has become a template for my rehabs and how I do them.

Rehab costs can go through the roof if you do not have a budget and templates can cost investors big. I have seen homes investors have spent a ton of money and had no more money that did not add Air Conditioning. This investor had spent almost $100,000 and no A/C yikes!

Rehabbing is a crucial part of investing and the biggest part of your budget over the long haul of your property.

I have created a template that keeps my investors from spending too much money. This allows them to also create better passive income in my clients portfolios.

Need a Better Way to Create Passive Income in Real Estate?

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