STOCK vs. REAL ESTATE: What is Better for your Future

Stocks the benefit is the liquidity of selling it when you want. You may lose money but you can sell the stock on the open market within a few hours.

Real estate also has liquidity if priced correctly. You may wait 30-90 days approx to get your money in your bank account.

Having done both I have made a lot more money with real estate than stock. Real Estate is more information that is available and easy to understand. Like stocks, if your purchase is right you can create a very nice monthly income like dividends.

Stock Brokers always say play the long term game and it will pay off. Real estate does that in massive amounts of money. I personally own a home in Chandler Az that I purchased 17 years ago. It has almost tripled in price and will make me a lot of money.

I leased it for 17 years and have decided to cash in my equity.

According to a lot of resources I read up to 90% of millionaires are vested in real estate. Making it the best way to create wealth for any family.

I know many investors, some of them are my clients that created great income that allows them to have more freedom in their lives. They collect income while their equity grows.

With stocks you cannot get a mortgage and you need a lot of money in most cases to buy enough stock to create wealth. That is not the case with Investing in Real Estate and you can manage your real estate.

So my opinion is that Real Estate is the best option for most people. The key is buying the right real estate that creates both income and equity.

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