Are You ready to CAP for Life with Fathom Realty?



Are your Broker splits weighing down your earning potential? At Fathom Realty, our 100% commission plan helps you keep MORE of your money without sacrificing cutting-edge technology, effective training, incredible support, and strong local leadership.

In fact, if you join Fathom now, you may qualify to CAP for life!

That's right. You could CAP for life! Fathom's CAP 4 LIFE Referral Program is a limited-time opportunity for new and existing Fathom agents to CAP for life simply by referring four agents who join Fathom. Your transaction fees will be capped for as long as you are with Fathom Realty. So, in addition to 100% commission, your transaction fee of $500 would be reduced to $99*. Wow! What would more money mean to you and your business?

In fact, our CAP 4 LIFE Referral Program stacks on top of our stock grant program, giving you more cash and company stock benefits simply for referring a few agents to the Fathom family. Sound too good to be true? It’s not! It is our way of saying, "Thanks for joining the Fathomly!"

Isn't it time you get MORE from your Broker to grow your business?

Get more. Keep more.





$3384 more income in just 1 transaction



If this changing market has you looking at ways to reduce your expenses and grow your income, take a moment to learn more about Fathom’s plan, including:

  • 100% Commission Plan
  • Low Transaction Fees
  • No Monthly Fees
  • Cap at 12 Transactions
  • Strong Local Leadership

"Fathom has helped me to grow my business and has supported me every step of the way with encouragement, motivation and kindness. Truly an amazing company!!"
- Jessica Kemp, Dallas Fort Worth, TX

Are you ready for a change? Learn more at and see if Fathom Realty is the best fit for you! Don’t forget that onboarding fees are waived through the end of September.

*Based on the current 2022 Compensation Plan.


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