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Finding Real Estate for Investing and to Live in can Take a lot of Time.

 A lot of potential real estate buyers,sellers and investors think that if they look in real estate websites they will have all the information that is needed. They also think that the property is still available and sometimes it is not on those websites.

Only the Multiple Listing Service keeps clients updated daily with all the new stock of listings and knowing what to do after that needs a professional. Realtors always know the new listings first.

The work really begins after you have the property under contract. Inspections, appraisals, negotiations and so much more need to be attended to to get the property the client wants and for them to have all the information to know what they are buying.

As a licensed real estate agent for 22 years and with a 1000+ deals under my belt I can navigate people through all the mass paperwork and disclosures that are needed. I also consult with my clients on any warranties they may need.

One warranty I consult with some of my clients on has already saved them around $50,000 in repairs. That is a lot of groceries!

Knowing what is needed and getting all of it done requires a lot of time. Being in real estate full time since 2000 I can assist my clients in getting the best deals and knowing what to do after they buy the property.

I just talked to a client that lived in Germany and they needed some information on their real estate. I know how to keep clients updated even when they are across the pond and are not in the local area.

All this takes a lot of time, effort and experience. I have all three of those ingredients for my clients.

Need to save a ton of time, Effort and get smart, intelligent ways to purchase real estate?

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