Getting a property Ready to Lease

 Why is it important to get a property ready to lease? There are a few reasons that question can make you a lot more money or a lot less.

1. A property that is generating high rents and demand still needs to look fantastic. New Paint, New Flooring if needed.

2. Maintenance issues we always look at are the plumbing and HVAC. I always have a licensed plumber snake the drains and check for leaks. This eliminates issues in the future.

The HVAC needs to be cleaned and checked. With the winters homes need heat and if you're in a hot area A/C is also a big thing and needs serviced.

3. Marketing the property correctly can make all the difference in getting a good tenant and top rents. The more potential tenants and opportunities you have to get better results.

Here is a great property we have listed in Lakewood Ohio for sale. Check out the approx numbers on the income.

Rent           $1500
Tax             $  200
Insurance    $   50
P/M           $   125

Approx Net $1125

We are asking $165,000 for this 3 Bedroom 2 bath 1 car Garage Home. You can make this yours and I will take care of the rest of it for you. 

Here is a Virtual Tour of that home 

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