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Money Making Real Estate

 Money Making Real Estate is a common want for investors. Joining investment groups and communicating is a great way to find some money making deals.  My system does a lot more searching for great opportunities for my investors. 

I have always liked the best opportunities that create consistent and sustainable income. I work with a lot of people that have purchased real estate through my services. Their real estate is almost always making money.

 It's not rocket science to understand that you need to have boots on the ground that looks out for their clients best interest. That is all I do.

I will be traveling to homes under rehab to inspect and video for my clients today and tomorrow. This is a lot of work but necessary to have the track record I have for investing.

Success is everything in my real estate practice and knowing that my clients are making great income allows me to sleep well at night. 

Here are my projected numbers on this home

Rent          $1250 a month
Tax            $  196
Insurance   $    50
P/M           $   125
Net            $   879 a month $10,548

Need good income real estate that really consistently generates profit?

Call me (Brett) 216-703-5740 Fathom Realty or Whatsapp me 

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