Watch your Net Commission you work hard for it!

Being a Real Estate Agent (Realtor) has been thought to be easy. Let's face it, watching some of the Bravo Real Estate shows looks easy and very profitable. The issue is most agents are not going to be on TV and get paid to do it.

Imagine going into the TV Realtors area and listing a property? The TV Realtor comes to the same home and does their listing appointment after you have already been there. Who do you think gets the listing?

That is why most agents fail if they do not or do not know how to market their services consistently (daily).  They think the brokerage is going to take care of everything and they just need to whip up the contracts and make the big bucks.

Most agents fail the first year and 90% are gone after 5 years. That is because they are doing everything the same way that all the other Realtors are doing. Door knocking (great exercise) and cold calling.

Where do you get the money to market your services without giving up your commissions?

I listen to a lot of podcasts that talk about thinking that cold calling and door knocking is going to make your life richer and you need to suck it up.

Good news is you do not have to do your real estate business like that! I have personally never door knocked or cold called in my 22 year career. How did I do that?

I have learned and consistently marketed my unique real estate services and it has created a business and relationships that allows me to keep getting new clients and buying multiple homes for other clients.

I make up to 4 commissions on one property! How do I do that?

Need to quit door knocking and cold calling? Call me (Brett) Fathom Realty 216-703-5740


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