Getting a better business as a Realtor


Getting a better life as a Realtor means more business and clients to service. This means as a Realtor your business needs more money to operate and market with.

How can you create more business if your commission splits are so high you need to cold call and door knock to get more business? Who has got the better end of that deal?

The better way is to find a brokerage that understands their agents need to have all the tools and money to market their services to the local area.

When I started I decided that I wanted to market and have the business come to me. If you're getting leads, you're paying the brokerage and lead split. Basically you're making around 50% of the money and doing all the work. 

If you have a brokerage that lets you keep more of your commission you have more money to market. That is what a business is all about setting up your own marketing and clients.

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