Is December a good time to Buy, Lease or Sell a property?


December is a month where there are less people competing for real estate. There are also less homes being listed during that month.

Basically a lot of real estate professionals take time to rest and enjoy the festivities. 

My take is that December is a great month to make a lot of money finding good deals that are not getting bid up.

In my almost 23 year career as a Realtor I have consistently done a lot of business during the month of December. The key is looking and generating great properties that are on the market. 

December allows every investor and Realtor to have a great January and 2023. Getting the better deals created more income and equity for any portfolio.

If you're selling a home that is in good shape a buyer in December is a better buyer because they are probably moving in the area or moving out of another property. During this Thanksgiving season I have leased 4 homes, sold 3 homes and got contracts on another 2 homes.

These were top rents and selling prices for these homes. The key is getting a real estate professional that is still rolling their sleeves up and finishing a year strong. 

Transactions flow much smoother and easier in December. 

If you looking for any real estate services in selling, Leasing or Buying a Investment home 

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Remember December is a great place to find awesome deals and sell real estate. You just need professional people around you. 

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