Is Real Estate the Best way to Build Wealth

​Building wealth with real estate is great to hear but doing it is another issue. When you're wanting to invest you need trained eyes that understand the different locations and how they benefit or do not benefit you.

​For example my clients get all the numbers on income and rehab before we close any property. They also get pictures before and after rehab and weekly updates through video.

Having a great income property does two things Income and Equity Growth. Income is just that monthly profit you get in your pocket (our homes average $850-$1000 a month after taxes,insurance and property management).

The equity created the wealth part of investing. That is why when you are purchasing any type of investment property you need seasoned investors to assist in buying the best property on the open market. No markups, just the price that you can get the property for.

That my friends how you create both equity and income in real estate. I have all the boots on the ground and we make our money making you money!

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