Why Cleveland Metro is a Great place to live and invest in.

Being a person who lives and invests in Cleveland Metro properties it can be a great place to do both or a bad one.

Living in the Lyndhurst (where I live) area gives homeowners all the amenities you need to live a quiet and quality life. The home prices around the area average is $239,000 but there are great places that are less expensive to purchase.

That is where I come in and assist my clients in getting the best deals available in every area that I recommend.

Looking at each area you cannot see the cities codes and their rules for their housing. In some cities it looks very desirable to purchase there until you get a report from the city requiring unneeded repairs to be completed.

Doing investment real estate since 1985 there are many things that need to be considered when purchasing any type of property. Cost is the main ingredient to keeping any type of real estate profitable. Even if you live in the home you need to watch your updates and make sure they benefit the home.

Areas that match all the data to live, lease and go up in price are the optimum places to park money. These areas do not budge a lot in price during a down time and create great income during the good and bad times. Let's face it, people need a place to live. 

Just leased a home this week that rents went up over 10% a month because the property was purchased in the right location and is in a desirable area to live in.

Having the perfect place to live or invest in can be found in Cleveland Ohio but you need professionals that understand where those areas are.

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