Why Cleveland Real Estate Equity Trends are the Best for Investors


 This study comes from Megan Sims Report and the article comes from https://www.cleveland.com. The thought process in many wholesales is the real estate market is becoming a buyers market. Is it?

"We analyzed sales, and among Cuyahoga towns where there were at least 50 sales, the one drop was Rocky River – and that was only by $5,000, to $350,000. (Funny, I haven’t noticed any sales steals in my town.)

That’s far from the town with the most expensive home prices in 2022: Hunting Valley, with a median price of just over $1.2 million.

Seven cities had median prices of $400,000 or above, most on the East Side.


Funny how that says about the deals not being found ( I can get them with my system). Every investor and wholesaler is looking for the next shining penny.

Over the last 12 years Cleveland real estate has been performing for me and my clients. We have purchased, sold and leased 450+ properties since 2018.

" Home prices: Median home prices were up in nearly every community in Cuyahoga County last year, from east to west and from lower- to higher-priced cities and villages. The suburban median overall price increased from $182,100 in 2021 to $198,000 last year, Megan Sims reports. The median in Cleveland reached $80,000, up from $72,50"

When you look at Florida, Sacramento and other very pricy cities you need to see the cost and the huge risk of buying or building. You also should be careful on the new builds. Inflation and interest rates are killing the builders profit and the risk is high on new builds.

Buying real estate for 3-6 times more money than the cost you spend in Cleveland Metro. The areas me and my clients purchase in are A and B areas that create both equity and income.

Our average prices are $120,000-$150,000 all in with rehab to create more wealth and income for our clients. Look at properties at that price in other cities. The homes will probably not be areas your money would be comfortable in.

99% of all our homes are leased and making money. I also just sold a home for a client that made substantial money on their equity.

Being an investor since 1985 and a Realtor since 2000 I have the experience and the systems all under 1 roof to handle your real estate portfolio (160+ properties).

When you're looking to purchase, rehab, lease, sell and have a platinum property management call me (Brett) Fathom Realty 216-703-5740 or Whats app me.

Don't be fooled by the new shining penny, create your wealth with real estate with someone who has a long resume of Success.

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