It doesn't Make sense to purchase Income Real Estate anywhere else

As an investor you want three crucial items to be a part of your property.

1. Great Location
2. Great Income
3. Great Equity

That means that the real estate you purchase has to be priced right. The better a property is priced and higher rents the more money as an investor you will make.

That is why it does not make any sense to purchase real estate in over inflated areas like Texas, Florida, California, Carolina's and New York. These areas make no sense because of the higher purchase prices and higher interest rates. All that means is less income to you and your portfolio.

Most investors are buying out of their area because of the high price of real estate where they live. Northeast Ohio has the most affordable real estate that generates good income. The areas also have high rental demand.

The market is really a buyers and sellers market. Priced right a home will sell and over inflated priced homes do not sell. That means I have to look harder to get good deals and I do.

As a focused Realtor on investment real estate it is a great time to purchase real estate. I still get my clients great deals and interest rates will come down.

Focus on the quality and cost of real estate.  Northeast Ohio should come to mind first.

Need better deals? Better Prices,Rent, location, management and equity?

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