Why sale a Home When You can make income?


With Interest rates going up and buyers not liking the new normal, some homeowners are wanting more income and can get it with their home. There is a great article on this @

" An increase in rental inventory could help flatten rent growth. Rents for single-family homes nationally rose 13.4% in June from a year earlier, slightly off from 14% year-over-year growth in April, according to housing-data firm CoreLogic."

Leasing is going up and will continue in the near future. With interest rates going up more people will be needing a place to lease.  Check out the one we just leased.

So selling or leasing a home becomes a financial decision and needs to be considered. With inflation and cost of building material going up there will be fewer homes built. That means the shortage of homes will probably continue.

A lot of property owners believe that they can save money by leasing themselves. Some can but I have seen countless examples of that not happening. 

I am selling a property for an investor that did it themself. They had  the property for over 20 years and never raised rent or managed the property to maximize their income. They lost 10's of thousands of dollars not understanding the best way to create high income for that property.

Income real estate that is run by a professional can be a great long term profit. Just recently Avalon Realty Group raised rents on a lot of the homes they have under management.

If you might want to sell or lease your home, call me (Brett) 216-703-5740 or Whatsapp me .

I have done 100's and 100's of both leasing and selling homes. 

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