Affordability Continues to Worsen Except in Cleveland Ohio

I am talking and reading about affordability in real estate. I was talking to my Dad and he was complaining about the rise in real estate. He is dealing with some relatives that cannot afford real estate in Phoenix, Az.

Cleveland Ohio is really one of the last bastions of great affordable real estate. I talk with investors that cannot believe the prices of Cleveland Metro.

In a recent Redfin article Cleveland had a 17% increase in the rental amounts. We have seen that with our investors rents are going up.

Just raised a lease payment $150 a month and it was leased in just days! That Client is very happy with their results.

Keeping rents moving and coming in requires boots on the ground. I offer a way for investors to buy income/investment real estate and just relax during the process.

It doesn't matter how good of a deal you get, you need to make sure that asset produces both income and equity. That takes Purchase,rehab,Leasing, and management. They are all separate and very important parts of a success recipe for real estate.

Cleveland has great A and B areas that are very affordable $120,000-$160,00 all in with rehab. The 1% rule is also there and then some.

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