What’s Ahead for Single-Family Rentals

Single Family Rentals are to me the best vehicle to invest for income and equity. There are more people that need homes to live in. So that means selling a home is easier than most other real estate.

The key is buying the right real estate that you can afford and creates both of income and equity. Below is a home we just completed last week. 

Having a consistent income property takes a good Realtor that understands all the facets of income real estate. Having these types of properties will help you retire and add to your income faster.

Purchase, rehab, Leasing, Management of the property and selling it when ready. This is all I do. I have the buy, rehab, lease and sell and Avalon Group Realty has the management side of things.

This has been very successful and our clients love it. I have one investor that has purchased 100+ properties from me and is still buying today. In fact they just ordered 2 more homes for their portfolio.

You are probably asking yourself, do I buy the same real estate that my clients do? The answer is yes I purchased two properties cash and both are leased and making great income. I have 6 properties and am selling one in Chandler Az to buy at least 3 more this year.

Having a Resume of 450+ Transactions since 2018 gives me the experience needed to have success in real estate. Since 1985 I have purchased 1000+ properties and seen every real estate market good and bad. 

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