Keeping a Job is more risky than investing in real estate


Having a job long enough and a good pension plan is what a lot of people dream of retiring on. Going to work everyday and getting a paycheck is what a lot of people do. 

The issue I always had with it is what is retirement going to look like if I cannot stay the required 20-30 years needed to get vested for a pension?  

As a Realtor I was with a large brokerage that I had put in the sale numbers to get a lot of stock but it needed to be vested. That never happened because the Broker did not want any investment realtors in the company. I lost all my stock that I had worked very hard for. 

It happens but having income real estate in my portfolio and my large business I was fine. I had already created a residual income business with real estate.

That is what I do for my clients. I have some that have lost their jobs but still getting great income through their real estate investments. 

Income Real estate purchased correctly can be a huge factor in financial security. The properties we purchase for $120,000-$150,000 net $900+ a month after taxes,insurance, and property management. 

If you have a mortgage, subtract that also. The other factor is equity which comes into play when you sell it later. I have a property that I have had for 17 years. I purchased and rehabbed it for around $250,000 and leased it for the last 17 years. I will be selling it shortly for around $600,000. That is how equity can work in any investor's wealth building. I will purchase 2-3 properties with that profit that will create $1800-$3000 net a month for me. 

Having a job is more risky for your future wealth. You never know if you will work for any company long enough to get a pension. Also a lot of companies may not be around in the future. Real estate will always be here and there will always be people and families that need a place to call home.

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