Not Making money as a Realtor? I know why

Being a Realtor in a regular brokerage means all the old traditions of being successful. Basically worship the brokerage, cold call, and door knock.

That is why only 10% of Realtors according to NAR make it in the business after 5 years. Why do brokerages continue to sell the same old worn out ways to do business? They get a cut of all commissions and just want anyone that can get them that cut.

It really is up to the Realtor to create their own brand. Realtors need to know how to market and create unique businesses.

That is why I have a coaching program that will be doing just that creating a unique business that not only creates consistent commissions but also shows a Realtor how to create residual income.

It is crucial as a Realtor to build your own business and brand. No matter what brokerage you hang your license on, you should have a business that works for you and  can be done as you move from brokerages.

That is the key to a Real Estate Agent's success is having their own business they can move to any brokerage they are at.

When I left EXP Realty I had a ton of stock that had not seasoned (3 time Icon). It was in the six figures. I left that company because I had a bigger business that needed to continue.

That is what I can teach you as a Realtor to be in that 10% and build a real business for your future.

Being a Realtor for 23 years I can help you succeed in the Real Estate Business and be unique. 
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I want to create unique real estate services

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