Real Estate Investor Perks with Our System


What are investor perks with us? We offer a very detailed plan for our clients to see consistent income and create their wealth through equity.

1. We hand pick every property in great locations that will attract professionals, The properties have all the amenities potential tenants are looking for.

2. We do all the rehab and create a better and healthier property that is not a maintenance issue. Going through all the mechanical parts of the home before you place a tenant.

3.  Leasing all our properties with our own marketing company and it attracts more potential tenants. This creates better tenant retention also. Our tenants stay an average of 18-24 months. We just had a tenant move out that was at the property for over 3 years.

4. Avalon Group Realty Manages the property in our turnkey system.  With 99.5% of our clients making awesome returns. That is crucial for our clients to get both income and equity growth.

5. Selling your home is another benefit we offer for our clients via the Flat Fee MLS Listing package. It does two things: gets top price for the property and it saves clients 1000's of dollars in most cases. It always saves our clients a lot of commission expense and yet they get the same reach on their property through our marketing arm.

That is just the basic perks our investors get with our services. We do much more than just this for our very important clients that need and deserve special perks for their real estate portfolio.

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