States that are Pro Landlord are the only places to invest

Buying in a state that understands that benefits for Landlords and tenants create a healthy and better way to business in Income Real Estate is important to having higher living standards.

I was watching the news and noticed that there are many states that just go one way and create a losing proposition for the Landlord.  In one case the city has not made tenants pay a dime for their lease in multiple years. The investors were losing massive amounts of money

Not every landlord is rich. A lot of my clients including me use that income to pay bills. Buying income real estate needs a good health state that understands both parties need to be protected by the law.

The main issue is if the tenant stops paying rent you can evict them in a reasonable time.

With Cleveland Metro we have very few evictions with our properties. The areas we purchased real estate in demand great tenants. We keep our real estate very nice and it attracts the top tenants.

Ohio is a landlord friendly state and requires that everyone do there part when leasing a property.

With 99.5% of our managed properties creating very positive income we understand how to create great relationship between management and the leasers.  

That happens because of the quality of real estate and service we give our clients.

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