Cuyahoga County home prices continue steady rise

March median price 2023 


"CLEVELAND, Ohio – March home prices in Cuyahoga County overall pretty much remained steady, increasing slightly from February." This comes from

The news seemed shocked and dismayed that home prices are still climbing. Understanding why that is happening is the key to understanding the current real estate market.

Right now we have about 50% of the homes on the local market that are needed to have a normal real estate market. I was listening to a podcast this week that was saying we are 1.6 million homes short of what we need on the real estate market.

When we list a rental property it is gone quickly to good credit tenants that need a place to live. There is a huge shortage of homes.

Cleveland Ohio will continue to be a great place to park investment real estate money into. The population likes to rent and there are great areas to do that in.

" The suburbs demonstrated the largest increase with a March median of $189,650, up more than $9,000 from February. During the same time last year, the median was $185,000."

We purchase almost all our income real estate in the suburbs and it creates a great income and equity position for our clients.

That has created great income and equity through the years. There is no better way to create a lasting income and wealth than real estate.

We like the A and B suburbs that have worked for us and our clients over 100's of transactions.

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