Every Realtor Should have a System of Residual Income

As you are seeing in this new real estate market there are different markets in every area. There is not enough inventory in a lot of cases.

Realtors have a 90% failure rate after 5 years. Imagine you were looking at a franchise to purchase and the business they were selling had a 10% success rate? Would you even be interested in it?

Being a Realtor requires many facets of business that need to happen daily. One of those facets is Investment/income real estate.

When I first received my real estate license I immediately started buying investment real estate. That was in 2000. Fast forward to today and 1000+ properties later my Realtor and real estate business gives me residual income every month.

Gone are the days of hopefully finding more clients and starting the month stressed out. I can rely on great income every month and my sales just add  to an already great month.

I cannot imagine having to find new clients every time I finish a transaction. My system shows you how to make 3+ commissions on every property you do with investors.

I also show you how to look and find both investors and properties to buy. This system is not taught anywhere that I know of.

Let me build your real estate business so that you can be free from the stress of getting new deals every month. Don't get burnt out Call me (Brett) 216-703-5740 Fathom Realty.

Let me show you how I built a very successful and profitable business.

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I want to Residual Income with Real Estate Services

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