Why are investors losing money on their Real Estate?

Looking at investment real estate and purchasing it can be big decisions for small and large investors. You need to have a local Realtor that has all the tools to create success and that means profit. Finding, Purchasing, rehabbing, leasing, management and selling it when ready.

My system is not an easy one to keep moving but it's the best one. Buying real estate since 1985 I understand that every property needs to be looked at differently. Each property is individual and has its own profit and cost. 

Having real estate creating both income and equity is important to understand. I will be making another success video tomorrow on a home we just completed and leased at the quoted amount. The rehab was on budget and it was finished quickly.

Real estate is a great asset to own and create income with. You need boots on the ground to get that taken care of when in any market.

I met with some investors yesterday that were purchasing an apartment complex in Cleveland and the agent was in Cincinnati. Do you think that would be your best choice of agent?

The agent does not have any boots on the ground here and the investor was buying the asset blind. There were many issues to consider and none of those were ever mentioned because the agent was from another city.

That is how investors lose money on investment real estate. Not knowing all the details before buying a property.

I purchase real estate for my clients with certainty and have a great idea on the final cost of a property.

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Don't guess at real estate, get someone who understands the local area.


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