Proof we are Creating the Best Real Estate Income

Understanding how to create income takes people that have done a lot of real estate. For example I was watching a show on campers and the guy on there traveled in his camper all over America.

He had tried a lot of different travel trailers and understood the better ones. For example a window being in a certain spot allows the camper to see what's going on outside and they can see their camp area. Placed on the other side would not allow that scenery.

He also pointed out a certain type of refrigerator gets colder faster then the other type.

That is what I do with Real Estate. I know what works better in income real estate and which ones do not work well.

I have consistently did many properties since 2000 and understand the template in real estate that makes me and my clients money.

Watch this video and see some examples of real estate and what it is making income wise.

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