Having Issues with your property management

Good property management is really a hard thing to find in this business. As an investor myself I understand that property management is really the key to any property's success.

That is why my wife Lori started avalongrouprealty.com that to address the issues me and my investors were having with outside property managers.

Lori created an unbelievable property management system that works for the investors and gets the income they expect. With contracted vendors that understand we have a lot of business with our 150+ properties we get better deals.

This helps the property create even more income and keep costs down.

The tenants also have many ways to pay rent not including sending a check in the mail. That was there is literally no excuse for not paying rent.

Avalon Group Realty also does a very strict credit and background check that helps weed out the problem people.  There is also income verification with their employer and Lori talks to the previous landlord. With only 2 evictions in 2022 her system is getting great tenants. 18-24 months is the average stay for tenants. 

At the end of it all the client's income is Avalon's only major concern. Need great property management? Call Lori 480-694-3735 and yes we live in Ohio full time.


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